Written by Josiah Anthony



Christians always use these ridiculous phrases that no one really understands. To be honest, I don’t even think Christians understand them. Phrases like, “It’s a God thing”, “I’ll lift you up”, “Wrestling with sin” and “I have an unspoken” are just a few that you will hear during a “raw” conversation between two PK’s.

One of those phrases that I often hear is, “You need to get connected”.

Connected. Connected? What does that even mean? Everyone says it’s important. Even secular anthropologist will tell you that connection is among the most basic needs of humans. There’s food, water, air, shelter and… connection.

I mean, I can’t say that I disagree, 5 minutes alone in my office and I’m itching to go talk to someone. I’ll even admit, there has been times where I have stopped my work in the middle of the day and walked around the entire church just in hopes to have a random conversation with someone, anyone! Connection is obviously a great desire for most humans, just take a look at the Social Media world, it’s all about feeling like you’re constantly connected to others.

I sit in meetings often and hear others talk about ways we can get people “connected” to the Church. I’ll even join in on the conversation (even though I have no idea what I’m talking about) because as a pastor and leader of a ministry I feel a subconscious duty to “get others connected”, but I don’t’ even know what that word means.

Well, at least I didn’t know what it meant, until I got electrocuted. No, seriously. I was pulling the power cord for my laptop out of the wall when I accidentally touched the prongs that were half way in the socket. ZAP! I dropped the cord. Now I’m not going to pretend that as soon as I got electrocuted a biblical and profound thought came to mind, in fact, if I remember correctly I had some different thoughts come to mind that probably wouldn’t be appropriate for a church blog.

But a few days later it hit me, in a less shocking and painful manner. The reason I was electrocuted was because my power cord was attached to something bigger, stronger and more powerful then the power cord itself.

So I realized, that’s connection. That’s what it means to be connected. Being apart of something bigger, stronger and more powerful then your self. When you are actively involved in something that fits that description, you can boldly say you are connected.

Connection gives us purpose, it gives us hope, and most importantly it gives us life. Just like that power cord, if it’s disconnected then it is pretty much useless. Unless you decide to use it for something other then it’s created purpose, but that’s another blog for another time.

We see in Genesis that God wanted to quickly connect our heart with work, quickly connect our heart with others, and quickly connect our heart with His. Being connected with work, others and God gives us purpose, hope and life.

The Church needs to offer a socket to allow others to get connected. We have to be more intentional about giving people an opportunity to be apart of something bigger, stronger and more powerful then themselves, this is the Lords desire.

“We have to be more intentional about giving people an opportunity to be apart of something bigger, stronger and more powerful than themselves.”

On the flip side, it’s incredibly important that we get connected. Whether that be through serving in the church, a small group, or worship, it’s important that we are connected in some way. When we live a life disconnected, we tend to run out of energy very quickly. It becomes increasingly more difficult to find meaning and purpose and we will try to substitute our emptiness by doing something other then what we were created to do and that never ends well.

So get connected, somehow, someway get connected.

-Josiah Anthony

 Josiah is our  Global Student Pastor

Josiah is our Global Student Pastor