Potluck and Worship

The Collage folks gathered together Tuesday evening for worship and a potluck dinner. Thank you to everyone who prepared food for us – it was delicious and we are so appreciative. 

After eating our fill of chicken strips, mashed potatoes, tacos, spaghetti, chocolate cakes, and cookies (so good), Josiah and Nick lead us in some words of encouragement, wisdom, and truth. Nick reminded us that we are all safe in the house of Jesus. We are free to worship the way we feel most comfortable – sit, stand, raise your arms, clap, dance in the aisles; just allow ourselves to be fully overcome by the power of Jesus. 

Jesus, You have won me You have broken every
Chain with love and mercy You have triumphed over
Death and You are worthy of glory and praise

Thank you again to everyone who provided food, to Chris and Annalise for leading us in worship, and to the Collage leaders for putting together this beautiful night. If you are looking for some cool college aged friends, email Mallory and get connected! malloryb@crosstimberschurch.org.