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Everybody: Week 4

The Power of Everybody January 26, 2014 Get In 1.       How are you doing with committing to the idea that you can do anything for 40 days? 2.       How and why did you become a family member of Cross Timbers? Can you see some of this connecting to the purpose of joining a Freeway Group? [...]

Everybody: Week 3

Get In What place did Toby say epitomizes the desire to be included? Where do you want to be included most? Hospitality was a means of survival in the Bible.  Why? Get Healthy Have you ever been accused of being “soft on sin?”  How is this the love of Christ? Was there anyone in your [...]

Everybody: Week 1

Get In 1. What does a healthy church look like? 2. What does it look like to be connected to God? Get Healthy 1. Talk about a time when someone in the church stood by you and encouraged you in a time that was tough.  How did it make you feel that they were there [...]

Upside Down Christmas: Week 1

Questions/Reflections Week 1: Upside Down Christmas December 8, 2013   Get In 1. In light of Toby’s mention of Christmas songs, what is your favorite Christmas song and why?   2. Toby is stumped by some of the lyrics in Christmas songs.Name a Christmas lyric that stumps or confuses you.   Get Strong 3. Re-read Isaiah 53:2-3. In [...]

Stand Alone Sermon

Matt Hernandez   Mark 10 Matthew 18:1-5 Get In 1. What does it mean to have child-like faith? 2. What good comes from being vulnerable? Get Healthy 1.)  Talk about some things that have beat the child-like awe and wonder of life out of you? 2.)  What are you engaged in that numbs tour vulnerabilities? [...]

Catching The Wind: Part 3

Acts 19 GET IN 1) When you think about the topic of the Holy Spirit what category do you find yourself: Concerned, Confident or Curious? 2) What is the difference between being a Christian and walking in the fullness of the Holy Spirit?   GET HEALTHY 1) Talk about a time the Spirit spoke to [...]

Catching the Wind: Part 2

How to Hoist Your Sails GET IN 1.) Why do we have to wait for God’s blessing? Why is it so hard for us to do? 2.) What is the difference between waiting upon the Lord and waiting on the Lord?   GET HEALTHY 1.) What does the Holy Spirit want to do in and [...]

Catching the Wind

Get In 1. Toby talked about how most of his life he was a adrenaline junkie.  What are the pitfalls of being an adrenaline junkie? 2. What does God given peace look like? Get Healthy 1. Talk about a situation that you are currently experiencing in which you need the peace of God? 2. What [...]