How long will this group meet?

This study is 4 sessions long. In your final session, you will be able to discuss continuing with your group for another study.  Contact your Connections Pastor at your campus to find out what resources are available.  


Who is the Leader?

If you’re reading these guidelines and hints…That’s you! As the leader, you will coordinate (date; time; agenda; etc.) group meetings. Additionally, the leader should make contact with all group members prior to the first meeting to be sure that they have the correct time and location.  Be sure that they are aware of childcare accommodations, if there are any. Several other responsibilities can be rotated, including refreshments, prayer requests, or connecting with those who miss a meeting. Shared ownership in the group helps everyone grow.


What if someone asks a question I don’t know the answer to or needs care beyond what I can provide?

That will happen! Here is your response. “I appreciate that question(s) and I don’t know the answer to that, but I will do my best to find out this week and get back with you at our next Small Group meeting.” Follow up with personal research; call your Connections Pastor to get some wisdom. You may not have the answers at that time, but you do have other resources available to help. If someone requires more care than you can provide, our Healing Place is an excellent resource.  Direct small group members to the website at They can contact the Healing Place directly at 940-240-0029.


What if one individual wants to dominate our Small Group discussion time?

Establish Rules of Engagement. When starting your Small Group, or when a new member joins your group, give clear discussion guidelines.

Here are a couple that will be helpful:

  1. What is said in Small Group stays in Small Group(Confidentiality). Whether it is a prayer request or a discussion statement.
  2. In open group discussion, please express your thoughts within 2-3 minutes so all can participate.

If you feel a person dominates the discussion time then you, as the facilitator can react to the situation positively. Find a place in the conversation as soon as possible and say, “I appreciate your thoughts on this topic, I would like to go to another thought concerning...” then engage others in the conversation.

*Note: You may need to reiterate these through the length of the study

Are their specific guidelines or discussion points for Breathing Room?

Beginning on page 54 of the participant guide are some good reminders for leaders as well as, leader guide overviews for each week of the study. To supplement the participation guide, we have created a “Group Leader Facilitation” card for each week of the study.