Why Groups?

God designed each of us with an innate desire for authentic community in our lives. Simply put, we believe that life is “better together”. This is what drives us to connect with others through teams, clubs, churches and even social networking. At Cross Timbers, we hold the value of community so highly, we made it one of our core values; Family. The best way to find community within our family is to join a Small Group. Small groups help us achieve our mission:


Creating environments where broken people experience life change through Jesus Christ.


It’s our heart that everyone at Cross Timbers would find ways to connect in a smaller group of CT Family Members and understand what it means to be fully known and fully loved. We believe that CT Small Groups is the way in which this happens. 

What is a Small Group?

We define a small group as a gathering of Cross Timbers Family Members that meets outside of the weekly worship service. Groups meet in lots of different places; on site at the campus, in a home, a coffee shop, or even a train. (Well not really a train, but you get the idea, anywhere you can have a conversation) Groups come in lots of shapes and sizes, but ideally we like to keep groups to about 12-15 members. Our groups are led by trained volunteers who facilitate discussion designed to help us apply Biblical principals to our personal lives. Many groups use Pastor Toby’s weekly message as a jumping off point for discussion while others use book and/or bible studies. Twice a year, every group at Cross Timbers participates in a Church Wide Study. Groups form around common life stages and/or interests. We have groups for adults, couples, men, women, students, young people, older people, in-between people, people who like to talk, and people who like to be quiet. Basically, we have a group for you! 

How Do I Join A Small Group?

It’s true no two groups are alike, each group has its own unique personality. Our goal is to help you find the group that’s right for you. We have a team of staff members, waiting to help you find the perfect group. To get started all you need to do is have a brief conversation with the Connections Pastor at your campus. Click the button below to get the process started online. Our team can guide you to the best available group. We also offer a variety of “connection” events throughout the year that are designed to help folks connect with each other while forming new groups.