Guest Communicator

What to expect at Cross Timbers

1. Our target audience on Thursday Nights/Sunday Mornings are folks mostly out on church. Not just the unchurched, but those out on church, formerly church, those disenfranchised by their past church experience. 

2. We pray there are unbelievers in our seats at each service. We work very hard to design and craft services which hold this reality very close to our hearts. We use words that are inclusive, we draw circles, we are accepting. We believe these values are for everyone God has created not just those that believe in Him. Because of this, we avoid language that could divide by avoiding words like us and them.

3. Our Thursday Night service in Denton is live streamed to Argyle. It is also the message we capture on video for use at our Denton and Lake Cities campuses on Sunday morning. It is important for you to refrain from words and phrases such as, Good Evening, it’s great to be with you this evening, everyone have a good night, etc. 

4. We will have a Green Room area set up for you at the Denton Campus and the Communications Suite will be prepared for you at the Argyle Campus. Your Campus Contact will meet you at the campus. We will send you their contact information 24-48 hours prior to your arrival. 

5. We want you to feel as at home as possible. Please send us a list of snack items/dietary restrictions/beverage selections/etc.

6. Your message length should be between 28-30 minutes including media/video/teaching elements. This will allow our campuses adequate time for turn-around between services for parking, CT Kids, etc. 

7. Message notes and slide content should be submitted by the Tuesday prior to Thursday. Your message on Sunday can be the same content that you use on Thursday.

8. We generally use the NIV and The Message versions of the Bible.

9. If you will bring your own mic, please let us know the model and style so we can insure compatibility. We generally use a headset mic but if you prefer a handheld mic, just let us know.

10. Important times are as follows:
a. Service Times:
i. Denton Thursday Night: 7:00 pm
ii. Argyle Sunday Morning: 9:15 am and 11:00 am
b. Call Times
i. Denton Thursday Night: 
1. Service Talk Through/Prayer: 5:45 pm
2. Sound Check: 6:30pm
ii. Argyle Sunday Morning:
1. Service Talk Through/Prayer: 8:00 am
2. Sound Check: 8:45 pm