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Guest Speaker, Carlos Whittaker

Join us on September 25 or 28 as our guest speaker, Carlos Whittaker talks about what it means to intentionally live like Christ. He was the ultimate Moment Maker. Creating, Receiving, And Rescuing Moments. Click here for service times.

Adopt A Teacher

Please collect these items and bring them back in your box by Sunday, August 17.  Thanks for blessing our teachers! ball point pens post-it notes mints, candy, gum, paper clips rubber bands pencils hand sanitizer highlighters index cards crayons notebook paper scissors

Reel to Real: Week 1

1.) Have you ever felt like your limits were being tested? 2.) What experiences have you had where you felt God was “calling you up to some thing higher”? 3.) Is there someone in your life that you could help call out the best in them like our Father does for us? 4.) What can [...]

CT Kids Career Fair

Interested in finding out more about a job with our CT Preschool or CT Kids Club? Join us at the Career Fair on Wednesday, July 23rd from 3-7pm at the Argyle Campus! Check out the job openings online, too.

Greater Than: Week 1

Judges 6-7   Talk about a time where God met a need in your life in a way that was more than you could imagine.   Talk about situation when God seemed small because your situation felt hopeless.   What circumstances or personal weakenesses do you feel may be keeping you from hearing God?   [...]

Open Season: Week 4

Get In 1. What is the difference between being busy and being hurried? What do they look like? 2. Look at your life currently, would you say you have been busy or hurried?  Describe why you chose your answer. Get Healthy 1. How can being hurried hurt your life? 2. Toby shared the 23rd Psalm [...]

Fun In The Sun

Argyle, Denton & Keller Campuses! Join us on Sunday, June 29, 2014 for Fun In The Sun! Please contact your campus for details: Argyle Campus: Denton Campus: Keller Campus:

Open Season: Week 3

GET IN 1.) What did Toby mean when he said we need to be aware but not afraid of our enemy? 2.) Toby said that sometimes we give the devil too much credit.  Talk about a situation you faced where you may have given the devil too much credit.   GET HEALTHY 1.) Talk about [...]