Preschool Information for 2017-2018

The heart of Cross Timbers has always been to serve our communities. Since 2002, Cross Timbers Preschool has served the families of the Argyle community.    An obvious reason for the success of this program was directly tied to the passion and giftedness of its teachers and staff.   As our local community grew, we saw a new need begin to develop regarding additional options for early education. Year after year, we saw full class rosters and waitlists for each age group during enrollment.  We began to research options for how Cross Timbers could meet the growing need in our community.
We searched for an organization that care deeply about building the spiritual, educational, and emotional foundation of each child.  It was also critical for us to find an organization that valued its teachers and staff and could navigate the process for obtaining state licensing and accreditation.    

In August 2017, Cross Timbers will begin our partnership with Lion Heart Children's Academy.  Lionheart Children's Academy offers several enrollment options tailored to meet the unique needs of the families in our community.  This partnership will allow our current kids as well as many more families an opportunity to thrive and grow in an environment unwavering in its commitment to excellence in all aspects of early learning.  This commitment was foundational at CT Kids Preschool and we are confident that commitment will remain steadfast for many years to come.