Midsize Group Registration

What is a mid-size group?

It is an intentional gathering of people, specifically designed to help them engage into a community of people who are either new to the church or new to a group environment. The mid-size offering allows participants to get to know others within the church before they move into a home or off church campus opportunities. Many small groups begin within a mid-size group offering. In fact, that is our hope that when someone joins a mid-size group they’ll form intentional relationships which will become small groups.

Where and when do mid-size groups meet?

Mid-size groups meet at the church. Meeting days and times vary by church campus. Contact your campus Connections Pastor for day and time offerings.

Argyle: josiaha@crosstimberschurch.org or jamiem@crostimberschurch.org 
Denton: michelec@crosstimberschurch.org 
Lake Cities: shannonr@crosstimberschurch.org

What is the size of a mid-size group? 

The size of a mid-size group varies between 20 and up to 50 participants. However, in the mid-size group environment participants gather in smaller groups of 6 to 8 people with a table host/leader and a mid-size group facilitator. This allows participants to engage into a group environment that may feel less intimidating, but at the same time providing an opportunity to develop intentional relationships within their smaller table group.

What do mid-size groups do when they meet? 

Mid-size groups are about joining others who want to find a smaller group of people to begin doing life together.

Study options: 

On-line resource: RightNow Media is a “Netflix” style resource for book and bible studies

Group Leader choice: In collaboration with our campus Connections Pastor Group Leaders can choose a study option for their group

Twice a year (Spring & Fall), we ask all groups to participate in a Church-wide study that aligns with a teaching series

Note: The duration of a study should be between 4 to 6 weeks.

Who leads a mid-size group? 

Mid-size groups are led by trained volunteers who facilitate discussion designed around a book, bible study or message series topic. Mid-size groups are also a great way to develop potential new small group leaders. Hosting or being a table leader is good way to develop as a leader.

Is there childcare at the church for mid-size groups? 

Yes, we do have a childcare offering at the church for mid-size group participants. CT Kids Club is available for ages newborn to 5th grade. It is an opportunity for your kids to come and learn more about Jesus while you’re attending group.

Registration is required for the to use CT Kids Club at: