Our desire is to see every student follow Jesus and find freedom by having someone to know and something to do. We know that parents and guardians play a huge role in the development of a child and we want you to have resources that assist you in pointing your student to freedom. Feel free to talk to your student pastor about any topic your student might be going through and check out the resources on this page.

Your Student Thriving at Cross Timbers-

At Cross Timbers we believe in drawing circles not lines. This means that your student already has a place where they fit in. Our desire is to see every student come to know Jesus and live in his freedom by having someone to know and having something to do. Getting plugged into Circles on Wednesdays and Foundations on Sundays are the perfect ways to get your student connected. The Student Pastors at each campus are devoted to seeing your student thrive and would love to talk to you about it!

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The Healing Place - 

The Healing Place is a ministry of Cross Timbers Church that is a place of help, hope, support, encouragement, and healing. The Healing Place team of Pastors and Care Coaches offer a warm, welcoming environment where anyone can come as they are to find support for life’s challenges. The Healing Place is also a tremendous resource to connect with support groups and other classes.

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