Our spiritual growth process is all about making commitments to: Get In; Get Healthy; Get Strong; and Get Going, so that we all can help fulfill the vision of the church.

For more information contact: ctpathway@crosstimberschurch.org

Get In


Where Commitment Begins

Pathway 101 is the starting point, and core class for the first step of our Pathway – Get In. This first step will provide you with an opportunity to meet and connect with others in the church, help you develop an understanding of who we are, our history, our leadership and what we believe. You’ll also develop an understanding of what it means to live a more generous life and what it means here at Cross Timbers to make a commitment to Jesus and to the church.


Get Healthy


Where Healing Begins

“Getting Healthy” is more than learning to think or act differently.  It means getting to the bottom of why we think and act the way we do. We need to experience the acceptance and love of Jesus Christ in such a way that our thoughts and behaviors naturally change as a result. If you are struggling spiritually, emotionally, physically, or financially, and are ready to experience the transforming power of Jesus and allow the Great Physician to bring healing into your life, Get Healthy is a great step for you.

Get Strong


Where Community Begins

“Why am I here?” “What moves me?” “Who is walking with me on life’s journey?” To get to those answers we must first learn more about what true Community requires. Pathway 301 is the place where you identify your gifting, focus your passion towards impacting God’s kingdom, and learn how to connect with others inside intentional relationships. As we get strong together we’ll begin to see that not only is life better together but so is God’s Kingdom.


Get Going


Where Impact Begins
We truly believe that God has gifted and called you to “make a difference both locally and around the world”. We believe that we are Blessed when we are able to realize His ultimate call on our life. One thing is for sure, you are not called to do it alone. Pathway 401 is here to provide opportunities for you to see and fulfill God’s calling on your life locally or around the world.