Where Commitment Begins

The first step of the Pathway is Get In. This first step will help you develop an understanding of who we are, our history, our leadership and what we believe. You’ll also develop an understanding of what it means to live a more generous life with your time, talent and treasure as well as, and what it means to make a commitment to Jesus and to the church.

For more information contact: ctpathway@crosstimberschurch.org

Pathway 101

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Argyle Campus


Denton Campus


Lake Cities Campus

Baptism Discussion

Baptism Discussion is an opportunity to understand what baptism is all about and why it is important to publically profess your faith. You will also develop and understanding of what scripture says about baptism and help answer your questions.

For more info on Baptism Discussion contact:
Argyle: ront@crosstimberschurch.org
Denton: michelec@crosstimberschurch.org
Lake Cities: jamiem@crosstimberschurch.org