What is a Small Group? 

It is an intentional gathering of people who meet outside of the weekly worship service, for the purpose of growing in faith and doing life together.

Where and when do small groups meet? 

Small groups meet in lots of different places, it’s really up to the group leader and members on meeting locations, days and times. However, small groups do not meet at the church. To help carry out the vision of the church small groups should happen in the community; homes and neighborhoods; coffee shops; essentially out in the community where life is already happening. We want small groups to multiply and not be bound by the physical space limitations and meeting days and times of the church. Therefore, removing obstacles for people to connect with one another and the community around them.

What is the size of a small group? 

The size of a group can vary, but ideally, we recommend keeping groups to about 12-15 members.

Is there childcare at the church for small groups? 

No, we do not have a childcare offering at the church for small groups. However, we do offer a reimbursement process to small group participants to assist in off-setting any expenses incurred for childcare while attending a small group.