Financial Hope Workshop

Financial Hope Workshop will help you develop a more rounded perspective and understanding of creating financial margin in your life, Financial Hope Workshop is designed to help you find that margin and create a financial plan for your life. If the concepts and principles are applied the plan can help you find opportunities to be more financially free.

Our next Financial Hope Workshop begins September 9 - Registration Coming Soon! 

Generosity Experience

Generosity is one of our core values at Cross Timbers and we love to talk about it and share stories. The Generosity Experience is an event where we watch inspiring videos, hear personal testimonies, participate in small group discussions and explore next steps all centered on the topic of living with an open hand and being generous with our time, talent and treasure.  We won’t ask for money or anything else for that matter.  The event is free and it is our hope you will leave inspired. 

Our next Generosity Experience is Sunday, October 14 - Registration Coming Soon!