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Cross Timbers Elders and Staff

Our elder team provides spiritual direction to the Cross Timbers family. They meet together regularly to pray for Toby’s direction as he leads us towards our vision of “10,000 spirit-filled baptized believers walking in freedom, committed to meeting the needs of the poor and broken both locally and around the world.”

Explore our staff

Avery Ochs

Executive Ministry Support Coordinator —Next Steps/Lead Pastor of Ministry

Hallie Davis

Ministry Support Coordinator

Valerie Bowden

HR Administrative Specialist

Brittany Barrett

Ministry Support Coordinator

Christine Wilson

Executive Ministry Support Coordinator

Todd Walters

Central Technical Director

Michael Parker

Technical Director

Logan Schantz

Central Director of Story and Videography-Communication Arts

Jessica Bennett

Worship Pastor
Central Worship Pastor

Chris Northen

Worship Pastor

Catherine Harrington

Project Manager-Videography & Story

Valerie Ramirez

Project Manager-Communications

Kyle White

Facilities Coordinator

Bryan Leenhouts

Facilities Coordinator

Cliff Culwell

Facilities Manager

Tammy Harner

Campus Administrator

Angela Gentry

Campus Administrator

Kristen Sheehan

Strategic Executive Ministry Administrator

Kelly Snyder

Director of Human Resources

Eli Tivis

IT Helpdesk Specialist

Ronny Redd

Director of IT

Sydney Rainwater

Accounting Manager

Ruth Turbeville

Director of Finance

Tanya Farmer

Benevolence Manager

Ron Tivis

Pastor and Director of Operations

Linda Hockenberry

Administrative Assistant

Glenna Massey

Pastoral Care Pastor

Brian Hackney

Director of Pastoral Care

Cole Ragsdale

College Pastor

Tara Bills

Kids Pastor

Melinda Bechtel

Kids Elementary Pastor

Marcey Bicker

Kids Family Initiatives Pastor

Mallori Gallegos

CT Kids Ministry Area Coordinator-Preschool

Angie O’Connor

Ministry Support Coordinator

Matt Ferguson

Central Kids Pastor

Jeff Taylor

Next Steps Pastor

Travis Banks

Students Central Pastor

Shelby Gilliean

Ministry Support Coordinator

Jennifer Shepard

Next Steps Pastor

Jamie Hackney

Next Steps Pastor

Savannah Smith

Next Steps Ministry Support Coordinator

Michele Cole

Next Steps Pastor

Chase Trimmier

Campus Pastor

Corrie Erwin

IT Data Information Specialist

Chris Roach

Associate Pastor

Ross Slough

Pastoral Care Pastor

Josiah Anthony

Campus Pastor
Pastor and Director Technical and Worship Arts
Directional Leadership Team

Kent Sparks

Lead Pastor of Ministry
Directional Leadership Team

Danny Stokes

Lead Pastor of Ministry Services & Multisite Initiatives

Toby Slough

Lead Pastor
Directional Leadership Team

Jamie Mullins

Campus Pastor
Pastor and Director of Leadership Development & School of Ministry
Directional Leadership Team

Jenn Day

Pastor and Director Communication Arts
Directional Leadership Team