(Updated March 10, 2021)

Church continues to happen in a variety of ways at Cross Timbers — in-person, online, in homes, and in the community.

Address: 1119 S. US Hwy 377 | Argyle, TX 76226
**This Argyle, TX service is also streamed live at 9am and 11am on Sundays

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  • 9AM
  • 11AM

SERVICE LOCATION: Argyle (1119 S. US Hwy 377, Argyle, TX 76226)

CT KIDS: CT Kids programming is available at both the 9AM and 11AM services.

HEALTH REQUIREMENTS: If you are feeling sick, please stay home. Per CDC guidelines, if your temperature is over 100.4 you will need to return on another date. Please be respectful of other attendees and maintain a safe distance of 6 feet when asked. Hand sanitizing stations will also be readily available.

STAFF/SERVE TEAM SAFETY: Our staff and serve team have been regularly informed and are up-to-date on all safety and public health measures. They will continue to be provided with appropriate updates should anything change. Our goal is to remain safe, focused on worshiping Jesus and provide an atmosphere of respect, love and grace.

OFFERING: Offering buckets will be available in the back of the worship center as you exit. No offering baskets will be passed until further notice, to ensure public health measures are met.

SANITIZING: Hand sanitizing stations have been placed throughout the worship center, and  staff and serve team will sanitize the entire worship center in between services. Staff and serve team will also clean high-touch areas like bathrooms and door handles throughout the day.

OUR HEART BEHIND RECENT CHANGES TO COVID PROTOCOL: We wanted to take some time to address the recent changes that have been made in-regards to the state lifting the mandates on mask that will take effect Wednesday, March 10th.

The heart of Cross Timbers Church is to draw circles around people.  That’s why we always choose to honor others even when it’s difficult and we strive to make sure that Cross Timbers is a place where everyone feels at home. Honoring others doesn’t mean you have to agree with one another or even make the same decisions as someone else, but rather it means we are constantly putting others before ourselves and asking the question, “what is the most loving thing I can do in this moment?”

Taking that approach, we want to give everyone an opportunity to choose if they would prefer to wear a mask during in-person gatherings.

Our CT Kids team at the Argyle Campus will continue to wear masks on Sunday mornings to honor our families and align with the local school protocols.

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you aren’t sure if you should wear a mask:

  • “Has someone that I’m in the same room with asked me to wear a mask?”
  • “Is the room I’m in too small for me to social distance with others?”
  • “Would wearing a mask make everyone around me feel more comfortable?”

If the answer is “Yes” to any of those questions, let’s mask up!

Starting Sunday, March 14th, we will have sections for masks/social distancing and sections for unmasked/no social distancing to accommodate the different preferences.