What is the Difference Makers Daily Mission?

The purpose of each Daily Mission is to give hope to others. Pick something from the list below and do it. You can even take a picture of yourself or a short video of yourself sharing hope through your Daily Mission. Post it to Facebook and / or Instagram and tag it with #ctdifferencemakers AND #givehope. This is just s short list. There are many more things you can do to be a difference maker. Receive and give hope!


  • Share Not Yet Resources
  • Support bartenders and waitstaff. Visit 100kbartenders.com
  • Pray for nurses and healthcare workers.
  • Mow the lawn for your neighbor.
  • Bring hope to others by staying at home. Share on social media how you are spending time at home.
  • Before the day is over, share The 40 I AMs with someone to remind them of the truth about who God says they are. Read the 40 I Ams.
  • Share this video on managing fear and anxiety from the Healing Place.
  • Do a mental health check-in with your loved ones, friends and family. Call them on the phone or through a video call. Do they need to be reminded of who and whose they are? Do they need a listening ear? Do they need someone to normalize their feelings?
  • Bring hope to YOURSELF today. Take some time to journal about your journey during this time – write down what is going on and walk through your feelings.
  • Bring JOY to your home by creating a fun list of family things to do while we are spending extra time at home and with our family. Make sure to post one of those things and tag Cross Timbers on social media.
  • Bring hope by going around your house and collecting extra school supplies! Go on your neighborhood Facebook page or Instagram and offer items to neighbors who may not have them while doing school at home! Share your pictures with us!
  • Bring hope to your community by sharing your favorite worship song that has gotten you through tough times. Share it with 5 people today.
  • Bring hope to a delivery service. Drop a note, a snack or a colored picture and leave it for your mail person, Amazon or UPS delivery person. Encourage them and thank them during this time.
  • Be a difference maker while staying indoors! Start a YouVersion devotional plan and invite 3 friends to join you in reading along. If you need some inspiration, be sure to check out the Not Yet and It is Well devotional plans from Cross Timbers and our very own Toby Slough
    Not Yet: https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/18918-not-yet
    It is Well: https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/18900-it-is-well
  • Bring hope to your FAMILY! Do something at home today — whether that be weeding, mowing the lawn, dishes or laundry. Make it your mission this afternoon and this evening to make life a little easier for your family. Share your pics with us.
  • Cross Timbers has been inspired by many of you in our community who have left encouraging notes to people in your neighborhood. YOU, Difference Makers, have motivated us for today’s Difference Makers Daily Mission of CHALK YOUR WALK. Go outside and chalk some encouraging messages to neighbors and others who pass by. Then, take a walk with your family and share the messages you find.
  • Bring hope today on social media. Ask your friends or neighborhood group how you can be praying for them today.
  • Bring hope and love to your neighbors today by going on a family walk and praying. Pray for your neighbors, our community and our local leaders.
  • Give hope and bring life to an assisted living/nursing home near you! Write some encouraging notes, draw a picture or print out verses to drop off at the front desk of your nearest nursing home to bring some joy to our elderly community.
  • Ordering dinner or need to grab some essentials to stay in? Stop by a local shop or restaurant and bring hope to small businesses.
  • Worship is a powerful way to shift our focus away from uncertainty and back to the hope we have in Jesus. Share the CT worship playlist with five of your loved ones today. Search for @crosstimbersworship in the Spotify App. Give some hope away.
  • Send a nurse or first responder a gift card for coffee through an app like Starbucks. They are on the front lines daily, working long shifts. A note of encouragement and some caffeine will make a big difference!
  • There’s so much power in face-to-face connection, even when it’s in a digital format. FaceTime someone you are thankful for today. Encourage them and let them know why you are thankful for them.


Share with us some other ways to give hope and we will include them in our Difference Makers Daily Mission List!

Other Ways To Give Hope