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About The School of Ministry

The Cross Timbers School of Ministry program seeks to create strong, well-rounded Christ followers who are ready and willing to further the Kingdom through ministry, magnifying our mission of 10,000 spirit-filled baptized believers walking in freedom and committed to meeting the needs of the poor and the broken, both locally and around the world. Along with specialized ministry training, we will offer teachings on next-generation leadership, personal development, and essential life skills. Specialized ministry internships are available in the following ministries: Next Steps, CT Kids, CT Students, Benevolence and Missions, Stewardship & Generosity, Human Resources, Communications, Video/Story, Tech, and Worship. Our goal is to lay the foundation for you to be a next-generation leader wherever God calls you, whether in vocational ministry or in the marketplace!


The Cross Timbers School of Ministry was created to honor the incredible work and love of Pastor Dongo. Pastor Dongo loved God so deeply, and anyone that met him could see that immediately. He had a smile that would light up the darkest places and left a legacy that will live on for many generations. Pastor Dongo dedicated his life to Christ and leading others to Christ. He founded the Kapalagala Pentecostal Church, the God Cares schools, and the Buyamba Ministries. Through his everlasting efforts, many children are fed, clothed, and taken care of; many adults are led to Christ; and many Christian leaders deepen their understanding of Christ’s love. His children and wife still lead and serve in the ministries that Pastor Dongo created. His influence reached far beyond the borders of Kampala, Uganda; and his legacy is known and felt around the world.


It is our vision that after completing the program you will be more attuned to God’s designs for you, become more self-aware in how you play a role in the Kingdom, develop humbling relational skills to help you flourish wherever you go, and grow through specialized ministry experience that will set you up for success in life!


It is our desire to prepare next-generation leaders for life and ministry without the burden of debt. Through valuable ministry experience and hands-on training, those called to this program will develop and maximize their God-given gifts and passions. We will provide the knowledge, skills, experiences, and instruction that will help you fulfill your life purpose.


The Cross Timbers School of Ministry is an ideal entry-level ministry opportunity for individuals who desire to have a season of life dedicated to God before they begin their careers. Participants should display a strong desire to allow God to shape their life and be currently seeking opportunities to grow, lead, and serve others within their community. Does this mean you have to have everything figured out? Absolutely not! We are here to help you find your path!


The biggest benefit of this program is that you will amplify your relationship with Christ and His people. Through focused experience in ministry, developed leadership skills, and expanded practical life skills within the Cross Timbers Church environment; you will be set to be successful wherever God calls you. Along with your training, you will be paired with a mentor that will provide you with ongoing support outside of the church. Because the structure of the program is semi-flexible, you will still have the ability to either attend college or have other work alongside your ministry work. The focus of the Cross Timbers School of Ministry is to raise up the next generation of worship and creative leaders, pastors, teachers, missionaries, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and overall followers of the teachings of Christ.

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