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The Cross Timbers School of Ministry is a program that seeks to create strong, well-rounded, Christ-followers willing to spread the mission of Cross Timbers to further the Kingdom.

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Along with specialized ministry training, we will offer teachings on next-generation leadership, personal development, and essential life skills. You will have the opportunity to choose a specialized ministry internship in one of the following ministries: Next Steps, CT Kids, CT Students, Benevolence and Missions, Stewardship & Generosity, Human Resources, Communications, Video/Story, Tech, and Worship.


Areas of Study
Along with your ministry practicum that will prepare you to lead in ministry, the Cross Timbers School of Ministry will have coursework in next-generation leadership, personal development, and life skills.


Getting started
We know that everyone has unique God-given gifts, passions, and stories; and our goal is to help you recognize, develop, and refine these through valuable ministry experience and essential teachings. Once you finish the program, you will be prepared to go wherever God is calling you and accomplish what He has called you to do to further the Kingdom.

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Apply to The School of Ministry

Thank you for your interest in the Cross Timbers School of Ministry, a Legacy of Pastor Dongo!

If you have any questions concerning the application process or the program, please feel free to contact us at


For your application to be complete, ALL of the following must be submitted online via Paycom through the Jobs tab:

  • Completed online application
  • Resume with references
  • 200-word personal testimony essay (typed)


Submitting Your Application:
The Cross Timbers School of Ministry is an entry-level internship program that strives to develop ministry-centered leaders. Fall applications will be accepted 6/21/19-7/15/19 with interviews being conducted the morning of 7/24/19. The fall internship program dates are 8/19/19- 12/5/19. If you are interested, please click the button below to review the job descriptions and complete an application.

This is a paid internship opportunity.  However, there is no guaranteed or implied offer of future employment at the conclusion of the internship program. 

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