Take the Relationships That Matter Assessment

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Let’s do a brief exercise to find out if you have any Relationships That Matter (RTMs) in your life:

1. Take out your phone. If you don’t have it, you can use your memory.
2. Look at (or think about) the last few weeks of your texts, phone calls and emails.
3. Make a list of the top 5 to 10 people you have interacted with.

Now, describe your list.

Who are these people?  Are they friends, family, co-workers?
We interact with many people.  Even though we may interact often, most of these relationships fall into the category of surface relationships and the conversations tend to be surface conversations.
You know, “talking about the Cowboys and the Weather.”
We all have relationships but, do we have Relationships That Matter (RTMs)?

Do your relationships  move beyond surface interaction to meaningful conversation?  As you heard in the video, we have never been so connected and yet so lonely. There’s a real danger in not having RTMs and it’s more than the sadness of being lonely. The danger is isolation, being separated from others, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually. Isolation can be dangerous for all of us.

We need RTMs—a Spiritual Family that cares about our spiritual well-being.

An RTM has three things:
1. Someone that cares about you.
2. Someone who wants God’s best for you.
3. Someone you like being around.

For a relationship to be a Relationship That Matters (RTMs), it must have all 3 and it has to be reciprocal. If they don’t care about you—it won’t last.  If they don’t want God’s best for you—they can give you bad advice.  If you don’t like to be around them, it will eventually feel more like work than a relationship. The relational effort must go both ways.