We are long time CT members. We were a part of the Keller Campus at both previous locations. We served with the volunteer team at SOS local. I, Bob, operate a trucking/distribution center where I use my corporate connections to receive large pallets of donations that I distributes to several ministry partners, including CT.

We served every Sunday in many aspects including Care Team, Set Up and Tear Down, CT Kids, Small Group Leaders, etc. When the decision was made to close the Keller Campus, we were crushed. We had poured blood, sweat, and tears into a campus and a church that we loved. After much prayer and tears, we made the decision not to make the move to Argyle. It was just too far a drive from our NRH home.

However, after a month of visiting other churches, we found ourselves at the Argyle Campus on Christmas Eve where we felt the Lord leading us to be an active part of CT again. We are again actively serving, leading groups, and faithfully giving our time, talents, and resources.

Even though we were disappointed in the decision to close Keller, we ultimately saw God’s bigger plan not just for CT but for us as well. We would define this as a life changing moment when that truth sank into our hearts.