I have been a drug addict on and off my adult life. I thought I could control my drug use and still be a good person morally. The day I lost my son was the day I truly realized how far off the mark I was.

For 2 months before that event, I felt God pushing me to stop. So much so, that I started saying it out loud to my boyfriend. I knew my path was wrong. But again, I had no one but me to guide me. I was walking the darkest path I had ever walked in my life. I was severely depressed and wishing my life would end.

A sister in Christ, whom had walked the same exact path as I was, became my sounding board. She spoke to me of Jesus and the change her life had taken when she admitted her sins and gave her life to Jesus! 4 years clean, married to God and the man God chose for her. I started studying the Bible and found Cross Timbers. I am drug free, but not free of drugs. My walk with our Lord has just begun. Truth be told, I expected this instant change in me when I got baptized; but now see God works in His time.

I have placed 100% faith and trust in Christ. I am learning He will remove people and things from my life that are not good for me

Today I am feeling such peace when I pray and I am working hard to break my spiritual strongholds. God has allowed my son back into my life and I am truly blessed.