I wasn’t raised in church. Growing up I liked to think that there was more to life than just the tangible.  Otherwise, what was the point?

Having no real spiritual faith, I grew to have faith in myself. It seemed I could find a way make it through difficulties. But this way of thinking ended about 11 years ago, when my marriage came to what was for sure to be an abrupt end.  I had no idea how it could be fixed.

With the help of Chris Washam at The Healing Place, Kim and I slowly began nurturing our marriage back to health.  I realized that I was just as responsible for the issues in my marriage as anyone could ever be. As a result, I renewed my commitment to our marriage.

We began attending Cross Timbers in 2006 and very slowly, “mustard seeds” of faith were planted. After attending a conference at another church, I was “ALL IN”.  Shortly thereafter, after attending a Kenny Luck engagement at Cross Timbers, I felt called to join a Saturday morning “Uprising” Men’s Group. This is where I truly began to understand what it meant to be a Man of God.

I begin to see the wounds of my upbringing and the long-term effects they had on me, my marriage, and those close to me.  I began to understand terms like “sin” and “repent” and that I hadn’t lived my life ideally. I was “missing the mark”. The God who created me had better plans, and much higher expectations. I just had to follow Him.

These lessons I have learned have also been instilled in the children I have helped raise. I have experienced true life-change. I am far from perfect but I believe I have the steadiest of foundations to stand upon.