I was invited to a baptism. I love this little kid and I would never miss it. I decided that I was going to watch the baptism and then leave. But I didn’t. From that day, I have regularly attended Cross Timbers. I got involved in small groups and helped everywhere I could. I sat in my seat moved week after week hoping that Toby was only joking about cutting his message short. I began hearing discussions about baptism and kept thinking to myself, I’ve been baptized but every time it’s mentioned I didn’t feel like I had. “Maybe that didn’t matter”, I thought. Then, the light bulb went off. I’d become involved with a beautiful group of nonjudgmental and welcoming people living a mission that for once in my life, felt real.

On the morning of my baptism, I woke up with a tremendous headache. On the way to work I had a flat tire. On the way home I was almost run off the road. I remembered hearing discouraging things might happen. But these were constant reminders that I was doing the right thing and the devil was upset.

I have a lot of people to thank for my experiences at Cross Timbers but I would like to say thank you to Wesley Kershaw and the entire Kershaw family who invited us. I’d like say thanks to Charli Crawford for her inspiration and for agreeing to baptize me and to Michele Cole for her kindness and leadership in our small groups and women’s groups. I had struggled with finding a place to fit in, but I fit here. I have finally recognized that I am enough. I have experienced peace of mind and I make a more conscious effort in my thoughts and actions toward being who God desires for me to be.