For about 10 years I’ve been familiar with Dave Ramsey and have listened to his radio program, but wasn’t able to convince my husband to take the course with me.  He felt that since we weren’t in financial trouble, we didn’t need it and probably wouldn’t learn much that would be beneficial for us.  However, I had never felt at peace with our finances. We get paid once a month, and too often it seems like we have “more month than money”.  I gave up trying to set up and stick with a budget, as we could never do it peacefully.

I was excited when I learned that Cross Timbers was offering Financial Peace University, and asked my husband once again to consider taking it with me.  Our 21-year-old son was enthused about it, and my husband agreed to join us when he wasn’t traveling.  Well, soon he was saying that he wished he had taken this course years ago!

Dave Ramsey is an excellent as well as entertaining presenter and teacher.  We learned a lot of valuable information. We are sharing our experiences with others in the class, and we are finally working together as a team on our finances.  We have learned how to be more intentional with our spending—telling our money where we want it to go, instead of the other way around.  At the end of the first month we actually had a significant amount of money left over that we were able to apply toward the next month’s expenses as well as savings.  We are now looking forward to being able to pay off our mortgage sooner than we had expected, and finally being totally debt-free.  FPU has been a huge blessing!