In 1994 I was living in California and working in construction. I was married and had one child at that time (confirm this). In process of setting a manufactured home, I was severely injured. A home crushed my leg due to a forklift driver moving the building by mistake not knowing I was working under one end. With young children and fighting an insurance company, life became rough physically and financially. Soon after, I lost his father and my wife lost her mother so we settled debts with insurance and moved to Texas around 2004. With much strain on life, my wife left and moved to Milwaukee. In 2013 she passed away from renal failure. With two children and life throwing so many curve balls, I am still committed to share how God has always been with me and got me through it all.

I have learned to rely on God and live for Him instead of for myself. I’m not sure my relationship with God would be what it is now if it wasn’t for the accident. God has allowed me is to be living witness of what faith looks. I am thankful for my experience and the ability to be involved in Cross Timbers and Cross Timbers groups these past few years.