My story is one of abandonment, adoption, and a 30 plus year search for my birth parents. I was an innocent baby removed from my mother’s womb, placed in a hospital nursery and left alone in waiting for someone to claim me. I struggled with control, hiding behind humor, being LOUD, demanding attention while intimidating and manipulating family and friends to see if they would also abandon me.

Multiple rejections and ultimate abandonment as an adult led me to the Healing Place where I learned how to reprogram my thinking through challenges, Biblical truths, and uncomfortable tasks that enabled me to come to literally KNOW and BELIEVE HOW, WHY and WHO I was created for!

Unfortunately, finding my birth parents was not the experience I imagined. But it was good this all happened after gaining the tools and a growing deepening relationship with my Creator.

I had to abandon mySELF and allow Jesus to carry me through my life realities showing me I was truly adored, wanted and chosen. “From the ashes a new life was born.” I had to become ashes, so my Creator, my FATHER could form me into His purpose. Once I was able to abandon myself and my thinking, I REALLY believed that I was WORTHY OF LOVE. I have never felt so secure in His love and acceptance of me. I want everyone to truly know what His GRACE feels like!!!

God has gifted me in helping others who want to search for their birth parents and or others in their life. Connection is important, even when it might not turn out in the way one imagines it. I can only speak for myself, my story did NOT have a made for TV outcome, but knowing my story has put me at rest.