Troy and I have 3 amazing children, Jonathan (10), Julia (8), and Graham (4). We have attended Cross Timbers for about 11 years and it is our home. We were at the Argyle Campus in late October when the announcement of the Lake Cities Campus opening was made. We had recently moved to Shady Shores. We spoke to the kids about the new campus with excitement and asked them if they wanted to help. At first they were hesitant to leave Argyle, their teachers, friends, and of course the awesome new kids area. We spoke about spreading God’s kingdom and then they were all in.

They made special banks to save their money. We asked them to set a financial goal to give. They set a goal of $100 each. They worked hard and earned more than their goal to help the Lake Cities Campus. Something that impressed me more than the kids raising the money was that the week before Lake Cities launched for the public we decided to attach the Easter invitation cards to pinwheels and stuffed bunnies and hand them out in our neighborhood. Some people were receptive and others were down right unkind. What amazed me was that it did not faze Jonathan and Julia at all; they just said “okay”, or “you can still have the bunny,” and moved on to the next person. I got the honor to stand back and watch as the love for Jesus and Cross Timbers poured out of these children onto complete strangers. As we drove home we got to discuss how even if only 1 out of the 100 came to church and got a piece of Jesus then all our time, money, and effort was worth it.