For the past 15 years, Cross Timbers Church has hosted a Bible Camp at God Cares School in Uganda, and has built precious relationships with the Ugandan children and missionaries. Due to COVID-19 we are not able to be there in person, but we have an amazing opportunity to support students from afar through a virtual mission trip. We invite you to join us.

If you are looking to make a difference in the world, we have many opportunities for you to be a part of giving hope to our friends in Uganda. Here are the ways you can get involved…

  1. Join the virtual mission trip to Uganda
  2. Purchase an ambassador backpack
  3. Give a financial gift
  4. Sponsor a child in Uganda

Virtual Mission Trip

We have an amazing opportunity this year to bring our annual Uganda mission trip experience right to you and your family. To take part in our virtual mission trip, sign up below.

Our missionaries have a goal to raise $1200 to support the children at God Cares School in Uganda. You can help raise money for these children and join us as a missionary on a virtual trip to Uganda. When you sign up to take part in the virtual trip, you will receive access to video updates, taking you on a tour of the village and seeing your gifts in action.

Ambassador Backpacks

One way you and your family can help support the school children in Uganda is by becoming an ambassador or as they say in Uganda, “ababaka.” You can become an ambassador by purchasing a backpack for your children. Inside the backpack, we’ve included activities for your family like maps, recipes, facts about Uganda, and ways for your children to celebrate cultural differences. Your $25 purchase will support God Cares School and help your children connect with our friends in Africa.

*this purchase is not a tax deductible donation

Financial Gifts

Would you like to give hope to children in Uganda by providing financial gifts? Your gifts make a big difference!

  • $25 can feed a family of 8 for 2 weeks and provide soap for their clothes and dishes
  • $50 will provide 200 composition books for school supplies
  • $100 will provide the gift of a goat for milk, cheese and meat for the students at God Cares Schools
  • $500 will provide the gift of cooking and serving dishes for the school (the school provides 3 meals a day for 1800 children)
  • $1200 will provide a cow for milk and meat for the students.

Sponsor a Child

Buyamba Uganda has been partnering with Cross Timbers Church since 2005. Together, we are working to empower the orphaned and needy children of Uganda to impact their nation for Christ.

We believe that education is key when it comes to breaking the chains of poverty so many of our children were born into. You can sponsor a child today and support their education.