Please refer to this page for the latest updates on COVID-19 protocol.
We are currently adhering to Phase 2 protocol.
(last updated 8/31/21)


As we have seen new cases of covid rising in our area, we are doing our best to keep our Cross Timbers community healthy. We recognize that not everyone has the same comfort levels when it comes to meeting in person. We want to honor one another to make sure everyone has a great experience and feels safe when we gather together.

Remember, if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, please stay home. Sunday services and Healing Place appointments are available online.

Below we have outlined some of the precautions we are taking when meeting in person.


  • We will sanitize meeting spaces and shared areas before and after all events.
  • Masks optional and can be worn at each individual’s discretion. We have masks available for use at our facilities.


  • We will include the above protocol plus…
  • We will communicate to parents if there is an exposure in our CT Kids area.
  • Our serve team will be taking a self-screening before coming in to the building.


  • We will include the above protocol plus…
  • We will maintain social distancing in our CT Kids area.
  • We will update the traffic flow in the kids area for social distancing during drop off and pick up.
  • Cones will be available for those who want to create extra social distancing when seated in the worship center.
  • Zoom appointments will be encouraged at the Healing Place.


  • We will include the above protocol plus…
  • We will limit the size of our CT Kids classes.
  • We will provide touchless check-in for CT Kids.
  • Our CT Kids staff and serve team will wear masks or face shields.
  • For Sunday services, we will split our worship center to provide a seating section with social distancing.
  • We will limit our restroom capacity to two people at a time.
  • Healing Place appointments will be offered by Zoom only.