Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, or just need some help navigating difficult circumstances in life? The Healing Place is here for you. We are a ministry of Cross Timbers Church that offers prayer, hope, help and healing. This is an environment for you to feel fully known and fully loved without judgement or shame. Our care coaches and pastors provide mental health resources and Biblical counseling to equip you as you walk through life’s challenges.

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Please note: Brian Hackney is currently scheduling privately. Please email The Healing Place or call (940) 240-0029 to schedule an appointment with him. Due to high intake, in an effort to reduce wait times, Brian will see clients 3 times before referring them to another staff pastor or care coach. He understands when couples or individuals are in crisis, and will adjust if necessary.


Additional note: Brian will be remote on Wednesdays, doing zoom appointments only.

What is a Care Coach?
Care Coaches are highly trained mature members of Cross Timbers who are called and gifted to help others. Each Care Coach is assigned a Healing Place Staff Pastor for oversight, direction and resources. Care Coaches draw on their own relationship with God, life experiences and personal study.

For more information about mental health resources offered at The Healing Place, please contact us or give us a call (940)-240-0029.

Meet the Team

Brian Hackney

Pastor & Director of the Healing Place

Ores (Spoony) Johnson

Healing Place Pastor

Juan Vazquez

Healing Place Pastor

Kim Kox

Healing Place Administrator

Christina Fitzgerald

Healing Place Pastor

Kayla Schroeder

Healing Place Pastor

What's Happening this Month

Walking in community is healing! You are not alone. Get involved and experience transformation together.

february, 2023

Mental Health Resources

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Support Groups & Classes

  • Adult Grief Group: Come find companions who are making the journey from grief to healing. Those who mourn will discover hope and community as part of this bereavement support group.
  • Divorce Care: This weekly class will help you face challenges and move toward rebuilding your life after a divorce or separation.
  • Crisis Marriage Support Group: This group is for married couples who have found themselves facing monumental hurdles like financial ruin, lack of intimacy, addiction or infidelity and are looking for hope in their marriage. Join us in this group where you and your spouse will find support and encouragement from other couples as you navigate the road to healing and recovery.
  • Family Grace Group: Learn practical tools and gain understanding to walk alongside a loved one in their mental health journey.
  • For Couples Only: For Couples Only is a marriage enrichment opportunity facilitated by Jamie & Brian Hackney. This insightful and practical class will help you understand your spouse and make simple changes that will bring great results in your marriage. The class will include short videos, teaching and discussion.
  • Happier Hour: Happier Hour is for women of all ages who are sober-curious and looking for an alternative to the traditional happy hour. This group is designed for women who find themselves in a “gray area” of drinking, have fallen into the mommy-wine culture or who have ever questioned their relationship with alcohol. We will explore the role alcohol plays in our overall mental, physical, and spiritual health.
  • Mending the Soul: Learn to build safe relationships and listen to your heart in this support group for women affected by abuse.
  • Pre-Marital Counseling: Get your relationship started on the right foot and learn the tools needed for a healthy marriage.
  • Veterans Support Group: This group is for veterans and their families. It will be a safe place to find connection, resources, and support to deal with post-deployment adjustments. This group meets Wednesday evenings at 6pm in Argyle. They also host a monthly social gathering on the third Sunday of the month between services in room 203.

Recommended Reading

Professional Licensed Counselors

We are often asked for referrals to professional counselors. Selecting a counselor is a very personal decision. Click the link to download a list of professional counselors in our area that we have worked with from time to time. This list is neither comprehensive nor an endorsement. Check with your insurance provider for in-network providers.