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Danny Stokes

Danny Stokes has been on staff at Cross Timbers since December of 2000. He has a beautiful, blended family with an amazing wife and 3 wonderful kids. One day in the late 90’s, he stood in Barnes and Noble reading Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover because he was too cheap to buy it. Starting that day, he got serious about his personal finances by getting out of debt and living on a budget. In 2013, he started a new ministry at Cross Timbers called Financial Freedom because of what he experienced standing in Barnes and Noble years before. He enjoys helping people map out a plan to become healthy financially.

Stephanie Hanson

Stephanie Hanson and her family transferred to Cross Timbers from Gateway in 2020. She and her husband, John, have a blended family with 5 children. For her 8th birthday, her mom got her a general ledger, and since that day she has been passionate about budgeting and financial freedom! She got her degree in finance, has taught financial freedom classes in past churches, and in her 30s found a new level of financial freedom and peace in trusting God (versus herself and her general ledger) with her finances.

Emily Seiple

Emily Seiple has been a member and active volunteer of Cross Timbers Church since 2005. She and her husband, Bob, have been married for 43 years and have an adult son, Scott. For 30+ years, she never felt at peace with the family’s finances. She felt that they always had “more month than money,” but trying to discuss it or stick to a budget always caused friction.

Then, in 2016 they participated in a financial counseling workshop offered by Cross Timbers. They learned a lot of valuable information, shared experiences with others in the class, and then she and her husband were finally able to work together on their finances as a team. They learned how to be more intentional with their spending, telling their money where they want it to go instead of the other way around. Being in control of their finances relieved a lot of stress all while helping to strengthen their marriage. Now, they enjoy being completely debt-free.

Emily now enjoys working with others who want to be able to experience that same sense of financial freedom.

Josh Morris

Josh Morris, his wife Courtney, and their twin daughters, Madeline and Makensie, started attending Cross Timbers after most COVID restrictions were lifted in 2021. Josh has worked as a corporate finance professional since 2016 and has a passion for all things finance related. Prior to working in finance, Josh spent six years as a Naval Officer.

Andrea Murphy

Andrea Murphy worked in corporate finance for 22 years before leaving to pursue work in the nonprofit sector. She has attended a Journey of Generosity weekend and the Financial Hope Workshop. She has been volunteering in the Financial Stewardship area for a few years. She is a firm believer in the spiritual principles and practical tools the CT stewardship programs teach. Andrea has managed a budget as part of a long-term marriage and as a single person, post-divorce. She enjoys living in downtown Fort Worth and feels the drive to CT is worth it!

Scott Carpus

Scott Carpus and his family began attending Cross Timber after Covid. Their 3 adult children also are active participants at CT. As a young married man in 1999, Scott first realized the power of managing money God’s way, although he has a Religion degree and grew up in church. In 2011, he and his wife began to step into sacrificial giving, which opened the windows of blessings. Scott loves the balance of emotional, spiritual and practical components of money management.

John Franke

John Franke and his wife, Julie, live in Lantana and have attended Cross Timbers for nearly 7 years. John is a culinary consultant, assisting and guiding restaurants all over the country with their menus, operations, and profit margins. He has a tremendous passion for helping others gain financial freedom using very practical budget conscience principles. He has 4 children ranging in ages from 7 to 14, was a missionary in Africa from 2003-2007, and loves to spend as much time as possible with his wonderful wife and children.

Gabe Rios

Gabe Rios and his wife, Sheryl, have been attending Cross Timbers for over 15 years since they met in college at Texas A&M University. They are active volunteers in the CT Kids ministry and have 2 young boys of their own. Gabe has nearly 15 years collective experience in the auto and real estate industry and is currently a financial advisor professional. With his professional and personal experience of paying off, in full, student loans, credit card debt and other self-admitted silly choices, he has a passion to share what he has learned with others who also want to avoid or get out of financial distress. With his heart of a teacher, he is excited to walk through and cheer on your financial journey.

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