Our Vision: To inspire and equip people in every financial situation towards greater financial health, freedom, and generosity.

Kingdom Builders

Our Goal: Provide ministry opportunities and facilitate connection for those with the spiritual gift of generosity.

Why join the Kingdom Builders:

  • Partner with Cross Timbers to use your spiritual gift of giving to help accelerate the vision and mission of the church
  • Connect with other families who are in a similar life position for encouragement and partnership
  • Receive prayer and encouragement for your family and business from the pastoral team at Cross Timbers
  • Stay connected to the ministry and people of the church

A Kingdom Builder at Cross Timbers is:

  • A Christ follower
  • A Cross Timbers family member
  • Giving financially to the general fund at Cross Timbers
  • Giving financially above the general fund to special projects that speed the vision of the ministry
  • Participating in KB events when available

“In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well. If your gift is…giving, give generously.”  Romans 12:8

Live Generously

At Cross Timbers, one of our Core Values is generosity. Living a generous life and being a good steward of our resources is something that God wants for us and not from us. We find freedom in living our lives with an open mind, heart and hand. We respond in the following ways:

  • Our time which is our most valuable asset
  • Our talent which are things we’re good at and that we like to do
  • Our treasure which is about how we use our finances

Whether you’ve been blessed with time, talent or treasure, you can make a difference for someone else.

Want to be generous with your time and talent by using your gifts and passions?

Serve with us!

Interested in making a difference with your treasure?

Give Financially