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Join the movement and be a part of a worldwide day of giving on December 3rd, 2019.

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Think about the impact we could make in a 24-hour period if everyone decided to step up and be generous. Giving Tuesday was founded eight years ago with that goal in mind…to bring people together for a day of giving back. It has since become a worldwide movement of generosity, with nearly every country in the world participating. Please consider joining with Cross Timbers on December 3rd, 2019 as we give thanks for the blessings God has poured out to us by giving to others.


This year, Cross Timbers’ goal is to raise $35,000 for our ministry partners. When you give to Cross Timbers on Giving Tuesday, you are making a huge difference in the lives of those who receive assistance from our ministry partners. Check out the stories below to learn more about the ministries we are supporting this year for Giving Tuesday, and get a first-hand look at how their generosity is impacting individuals and families right here in our community.




Hello, my name is Kris Wilkins, and I am a recovering alcoholic.

I started my journey through Solutions of North Texas (SONTX) back in July of 2018 and stayed through February 2019.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I walked past those front doors, I just imagined some hardcore “shove it down your throat get right” kind of material.

But that was far from what was given, I was taught through faith and belief in something greater than myself that I could retain my sobriety with a few simple steps. Not only do they point you in the right direction from the book, but they teach you self-care. Every member there and leaders are dedicated to making the sober in you stay active and well placed. I am a proud graduate of SONTX and would recommend it to any family or friend that is struggling with addiction

Shown in photo: Kris with his daughter, Kynzie.


My name is Kim Strausbaugh, and I’m a graduate of Refuge for Women North Texas. I’m not so sure what’s compelling me to be so raw right now, except I hope it will help even one person. Addiction and its grip on me took my desire and ability to make the decision to do whatever was necessary to get sober until it was too late to be in my children’s life. I was court ordered to long term treatment because I violated probation by admitting I used after I overdosed in April 2018. I’ll go a step further and say this was my 3rd long term program. I have also gone to six 30-day programs, 3 intensive outpatient programs, 2 halfway houses and have been in and out of 12 step programs since I was 14. I have been in individual therapy since I was 12. Trauma is the root cause of addiction in most cases. A byproduct of the drug lifestyle is, of course, more trauma. The odds are stacked against us to recover and so many of us are dying at alarming rates. If you have trauma, please seek the right kind of help to work through it instead of living victim to it. Refuge for Women is a trauma-based program as well as treatment for addiction/chemical dependence. Through the curriculum, I learned how to depend on God and know my worth is based on who He says I am, how to have good boundaries, and what healthy relationships look like. I now know what it’s like to feel truly loved and supported by people whose only desire is to see people heal and succeed. After graduation, Cross Timbers helped me with rent as I first moved into my apartment and helped me with Fix My Ride. I am now in leadership, and I co-lead a step study at Celebrate Recovery at Cross Timbers in Argyle. I have 3 part time jobs, all attained through Refuge’s community and have been asked to share my story, do interviews and serve within my community. God has restored me with all my family, including opening doors for a reunion with my younger children in Kentucky. Now I’m just trying to sit back and let God do the driving from now moving forward.


“I can’t do this,” Brittany said when the nurse asked about her pregnancy plan. At the time of her sonogram, she did not have any support from the baby’s father, and her parents were in shock about the news of her unexpected pregnancy. Given her stressful circumstances, Brittany was not considering parenting or adoption. A month later, she visited the Pregnancy Help 4U center for other services and spiritual counseling. By the time she came back for a second sonogram, Brittany’s heart was softening as she and the nurse talked about her future and the future of her baby. Over several months, our staff stayed in contact with Brittany. Then to our sheer joy, Brittany scheduled one more appointment – a baby visit! She stopped by the center, holding her beautiful baby girl, Paisley Joy. We showered them with baby gifts, diapers, and so many other resources to welcome Paisley Joy into this world, and to celebrate Brittany’s decision for life.

Shown in photo: PH4U Nurse Manager: Jill, Client: Brittany holding Paisley Joy, PH4U Client Advocate: Leslie




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  • Grace Like Rain ministries is committed to extending God’s love to families who have suffered homelessness, parental incarceration, financial devastation, and other times of severe need by providing programming, training, education, resources, housing, and tangible assistance.
  • Our desire is that every family that enters our program in need will become a part of our extended family, one day fully able to serve others in the same way they were served.
  • Every family will be encouraged to grow in their relationship with Christ and be given the opportunity to connect with local churches.
  • As the families in need receive the ministry and help of Grace Like Rain finding stability, support, and purpose, it is our vision that those same families will join our team in the mission to rescue and resource others.


SOS Local’s goal is to support and develop local care networks in the North Texas area. North Texas serves as our US base and we want to invest in our local community.  There is huge need in the North Texas and we are honored to partner with some incredible local care networks to impact at-risk children and their families in our own backyard.

{This local initiative of SOS International provides a service to churches with tools and solutions to see congregations mobilized to reach their communities, and to engage them in local outreach.}


SOS is committed to developing sustainable solutions to the problems that at-risk children face every day. We are committed to being a voice that calls a community to rally around these solutions.

SOS International was founded in 2000. When our founders, Dwayne and Leslie Weehunt, picked the SOS name they had a vision that the organization would grow to respond and meet needs of at-risk children in communities around the world.

We believe that there are things that we can do to save precious lives, and change the destiny of countless at-risk children locally and around the world.

We raise support, develop and implement solutions that provide for basic needs like food and water, safety & freedom, disaster relief, orphan care, foster care, shelter, education, infrastructure & child development as well as working to ensure that families in crisis have access to essential support services.

We believe that every desperate cry of a child, is worthy of hearing and responding to.

The first five years of a child’s life form the foundation for their future. These are the most vulnerable years when it comes to a child’s physical and mental development.  Meeting a child’s basic needs will drastically improve a child’s prospects in life.

Our approach works to provide a pathway for at-risk children, to improve their likelihood of reaching and flourishing in adulthood.

We believe that there are 3 things we all can do to help children: provide resources for the work, volunteer in your community and ask others to join us in this important task.


Every day, Pregnancy Help 4 U assists women in finding real care and real answers for their pregnancies. They have a longstanding partnership with the CDC (Center For Disease Control) and Fort Worth Health Department to provide the best care available.


We started our company with 10 beds and a dream to help those struggling with addiction. That dream has become a reality as we help an average of 75 clients a day after ten years in business. And we help so many more than just individuals. We promote whole family health and have programs designed for every member of the family struggling an individual’s addiction.

Our services have grown to include interventions, clinical services, court services and outpatient programs as well as continuing our cornerstone residential program.

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, call us. We can provide resources for a permanent change.

If you are struggling with the addiction of a loved one, call us. We can help you navigate the maze of addiction and create healthy boundaries for you and your family.


Human Trafficking is a dark industry that abuses and exploits women of all ages. When a woman is rescued from a trafficker, she is left with many years of past trauma and oftentimes, substance abuse issues.

Refuge for Women is a non-profit, faith based organization providing specialized long-term care for women who have escaped human trafficking or sexual exploitation. With multiple locations across the U.S., Refuge for Women offers up to twelve months of safe housing, at no charge to the resident, with around the clock care as clients progress through evidence-based, trauma-informed programming. The compassionate staff is trained to help residents work through the program to reclaim their identities and reach their goals to overcome addictions, heal from trauma and develop life skills leading to healthy, balanced living and financial independence. Refuge for Women strives to help each woman complete the program with a vision for her future, equipped to succeed and sustain a life marked with dignity and hope.


First Refuge Ministries believes that every person has worth and value because they are created by God. We aim to honor God and bring Him glory by reaching out to our under-served neighbors with an open door, healing hands and a generous heart prepared to serve, love and encourage others no matter who they are. Our goal is to minister to the entire person, including physical, emotional and spiritual needs, by offering essential services to those in our community.

Watch the videos to the right to get a better understanding of our ministries. The top video will give you a brief intro to First Refuge and the bottom shares a first hand testimony of the impact First Refuge has had in the life of one of our clients.


Sponsoring a child with Compassion is the most cost-effective way to end extreme child poverty. It not only addresses a child’s immediate physical needs, it also builds self-esteem and self-respect. Although these are similarities across other child sponsorship programs, Compassion’s approach is unique because we are:

Christ Centered

In response to God’s call to care for the poor, Compassion gives hope to the hopeless, meeting practical needs and sharing the good news about Jesus in a culturally relevant, unconditional way to all we serve.


Our child sponsorship ministry connects one child with one sponsor to help the child achieve his or her God given potential. Sponsors write and receive letters, pray for and encourage their sponsored children and may even visit their children.


Every sponsored child is linked with a Christ-centered church in his or her community. Compassion partners with over 7,500 evangelical church partners in 25 countries around the world.



Buyamba, a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation, was founded in the U.S. in 1999, to support the Dongos’ efforts with Buyamba Orphan Outreach in Uganda. Buyamba supported them through a child sponsorship program and provision of needed resources. As a result, God Cares Nursery and Primary School opened in 2002 with 97 children, in the basement of the church where The Dongo family continues to serve.  Currently, Buyamba financially supports the education and care of over 1800 children through our sponsorship programs.



For the Love of Orphans was created to financially support Mansa Fountain of Blessings, an orphan center, in Mansa, Zambia, Africa. Mansa Orphan Center teaches the love of Jesus by providing orphans with tuition and uniforms so they can attend public schools, clothing and shoes, hot meals and Bible lessons. Mansa is located in Luapula Province, a very poverty stricken area of Northern Zambia devastated by HIV and malaria.

Without Mansa Orphan Center, these children can’t afford to attend school, have very little to eat, and are shoeless and live in ragged clothing. The Orphan Center pays for their schooling, feeds them with hot meals and provides clothing and shoes. More importantly, they give the children love and compassion, enhancing their dignity and self worth.

We also provide Bible teachings so the kids grow up knowing the Gospel and feel confident enough to share it with their friends. If we can show them God’s love, we are doing our jobs!


Underground Coffee International is a 501c3 nonprofit missionary organization. Our goal is to provide life changing coffee, both for those who drink it and also for those who grow it. All of the funds that we generate go towards supporting missionaries who not only share the gospel but also teach local farmers how to grow high quality organic coffee.

By providing a new source of income for these farmers and a platform for our missionaries to speak into their lives, we hope to meet both their spiritual and physical needs.


In 2000 Pastor Daniel Nunez felt God calling him to expand Ministerios Transformacion and plant churches throughout the Tijuana, Mexico region. God has been faithful in blessing his vision since 2000. Pastor Daniel Nunez and his team have planted over 35 churches within Tijuana, Rosarito and Mexicali. In addition to planting and constructing churches, Pastor Daniel Nunez and his staff develop, care for, and train each Church pastor and their families.

Pastor Daniel Nunez has developed partnerships with over 20 churches in the U.S. who provide volunteers to build churches and homes, sponsor children in school, provide breakfast and/or lunch programs and numerous additional caring services to marginalized families.

As this ministry and its partnerships have grown Pastor Daniel Nunez and his son Pastor Tury Nunez were encouraged to create a non-profit organization titled Kingdom Builders Ministry (KBM) to support the mission of Ministerios Transformacion church group in Mexico. KBM is lead by Pastor Tury and Pastor Daniel in Mexico along with several Kingdom Builders Ministry Board Members from numerous churches in the US. Through Kingdom Builders Ministry the churches in Mexico and the US are serving, building, fundraising, and assisting Pastor Daniel in developing new leaders for God’s Ministry so they can continue their mission of “Preparing God’s people to serve in their community, building relationships and changing lives.”



Samuel’s Sanctuary is a non-profit ministry devoted to providing a sacred place of refuge for people of all ages.  Our prayer is that each individual come to the understanding that, just like Samuel in the Bible, they were dedicated to the Lord from before birth and He has a special purpose for each of their lives.  In our short time here God has given us many opportunities to minister to our neighbors and families in St. Margaret’s village.  We’ve also hosted a number of mission teams as well as interns and volunteers.

We are currently in the process of applying to become a vocational training center for teenage boys ages 14-17.  We desire to provide a safe, sustainable place for these Belizean boys to grow spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Our hope is that they develop into mature men in each of these areas so that they can be Ambassadors of Christ to promote change in their families, communities and country.



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