10 Practical Ways to Give Hope in Times of Uncertainty

Because of the hope we have in Jesus, we are able to dispense hope for others, especially during times of fear and uncertainty. We can be difference makers for others by stepping out, even when we are afraid. Not sure how to help? Here are ten practical steps you can take to share the love of Jesus.

  1. Receive hope through worship. Worship God by giving Him your best in all you do. Thank Him that He is in control.
  2. Check in on others. Be intentional about checking in on your neighbors, family and friends. Ask them how they are doing spiritually, emotionally and physically. Respond however you can.
  3. Pray for the known and unknown concerns of others.
  4. Remember the elderly.
  5. Grocery shop for others. Be sure they are stocked with prescription and / or over-the-counter medications and other necessities.
  6. Have compassion. Resist the urge to fix things for people. Remain still and quiet. Listen to them and allow them to talk. While practicing social distancing, you can still be a comforting presence for them in their discomfort.
  7. Donate things you don’t use.
  8. Do a chore for someone.
  9. Create and send a care package.
  10. Offer to babysit younger siblings while honoring a “shelter-in-place.” Allow older caregivers or parents some quiet time, alone together.

There are many more things you can do to practically share the love of Jesus with others. If you aren’t sure who or how to help, ask God to show you. Then, stay alert for answers.


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Other Ways To Give Hope