Learning to live from the inside out.

We are looking forward to another big year at Cross Timbers. This year, we will spend over 30 weeks on a study focused on Acts.  Our focus on the early church will help us know what it means to live from the inside out.

Living from the inside out.

Follow along weekly for the message, podcasts and additional content.

How Do I Use My Journal?

Plan on using your Better Journal every week this year. The weeks are numbered to help you keep track. The weeks of the year are numbered in your journal.  You can follow along week to week-there are fifty-two weeks in your journal-one for every week of the year.  You can use this journal each week including the weeks that are not in the Better Series. You will find weekly content on that will serve as a guide to help you complete each daily entry.  You may decide to complete a journal entry each day of the week or just a couple of days a week.



Follow/Find/Know/Do Thought From Message: In the space provided, what are some things that you learned from this week’s message regarding Our Purpose?  How will you apply something you learned from this week’s message to learning more about following Jesus, finding freedom, having someone to know, or having something to do?



Worship-Listen to our playlist on Spotify. Write down a song title or set of lyrics from one of the songs on the playlist that stand out to you this week. Why do you think they are speaking out to you? What are you learning from them?



Question from the Podcast: Each week, we ask a question on our Cross Timbers Conversations Podcast. Write the question in the space provided adding your answer to the weekly question.



Looking Back/Looking Ahead: Visit and check out the weekly video on the Better tab. This weekly video will remind us of what we learned about last week and gets us ready for what we are going to learn this week.



Prayer Log: Write out your weekly prayers in the space provided.  From time to time, check back on these pages to see how God is moving in your life.



Journaling: Spend time today journaling about your week.  What are some things you have learned -what are some things you have heard?

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